08.30 Registration And Refreshments
09.10 Brand Republic Group Welcome

Danny Rogers, Editor-in-Chief, Brand Republic Group

09.15 Chair’s Opening Remarks

Andy Porteous, Former SVP Digital, Unilever

Keynote Case Study
09.25 Creating The Ultimate Social Business – Making Millions From Social Media

In July 2011, Zaggora, a company that makes technology-motivated activewear, launched with an investment of $40,000. The business has since reported a turnover of £30million. So what’s the secret? Founder CEO Malcolm Bell candidly shares their journey, and divulges how they launched with a social strategy spearheaded by a product trail with consumers on Twitter and Facebook. Today, Zaggora tracks 60% of the company’s revenue back to social media. This session will reveal the inside track on how to truly monetise social media.

Malcolm Bell, Founder CEO, Zaggora

09.45 Approaches To Measuring Success And ROI – Knuckling Down On How To Link Buzz To Business Results

No one-size-fits-all. This panel will explore different approaches to achieving the Holy Grail – proving ROI. The debate on the best measure of success will be ever-present, but whether you are looking to assess brand engagement, behavioural change, reach or need an absolute numerical metric, this panel of varying perspectives will give you all you need to nail down your social success.

The perspectives:

Pete Markey, CMO, RSA – believes that social media can not only engage customers but also drive direct response
Alanah Donnell, Head of Strategic Engagement and Partnerships, Department for Work and Pensions – believes in measuring alternative outcomes, such as behavioural change
Paul Fabretti, Digital and Social Media Lead, Telefónica Europe – believes in aligning social KPI's to business objectives, and not measuring elements of social media just because you can 
Rylan Holey, Partner Manager, HootSuite – believes that you can show social media ROI as long as you consider social as a business infrastructure and align social activities to your core business objectives

10.25 Meaningful Purpose: The Secret Sauce Of A Brilliant Social Brand

> Find out why purpose dictates whether you'll sink, swim or tread water
> Learn how leading brands use purpose to drive success
> Discover how to unearth and align to your brand's true and meaningful purpose
> Bonus topic: Is your career killing your chance for a satisfying, meaningful life?

Tom Nixon, Founder, Nixon McInnes

10.55 Break

11.20 Tailor Your Day – Choose A or B

Social Brands offers you the opportunity to tailor your content and make the most out of your day. Whether you stay in one stream or dip-in-and-out, here’s where you take control and create a learning programme most relevant to your role and needs. 

(A) Search And Social Advertising
Climbing The Rankings – How Social Can Get You Up There
The search and social media marketing landscape has experienced exponential growth and is continuously evolving. Every brand wants to boost their chances of getting up the rankings, but with so much competition out there, what can your brand do to be a cut above the rest?
> How has search changed and how can you optimise your communications and corporate blogs going forward?
> Going up the list - how can your brand become more relevant through search and socially-recommended search results?
> Getting ahead of the curve – what is the future for search and social advertising?

Marc Blinder, EMEA Director, Social Media Strategy Team, Adobe


(B) Legal And Compliance
A Guide To Keeping Your Social Media Nose Clean
Back by popular demand, this session examines the emerging legal landscape around social media. Get completely up to speed on the boundaries in which you can communicate content on social media and understand the latest status quo around legal ramifications.
> Brush up on the latest restrictions and what you can and can’t do to avoid the legal pitfalls
> Endorsements, statements, copyrights and working with celebs or bloggers – what is the ‘right’ way and how can you ensure transparency in your actions?
> What are the legal ramifications of incorrect communications over social media?

Ruth Boardman, Partner, Bird & Bird
Phil Sherrell, Partner, Bird & Bird

11.50 Tailor Your Day – Choose C or D

(C) Content Generation
Capitalising On Content And The Power Of The Connected Consumer
Through a series of punchy presentations, a group of brands share their experience with content generation on social media, giving you the inside track on creating content that is time efficient, engaging and has maximum impact. 
> Conquering content fatigue - steps to creating and repurposing cut-through content across a number of platforms
> How can you keep content fresh without costing too much time and money?
> Spreading the word – how to encourage content sharing
> Creating campaigns that drive user-generated content to move away from corporate messages and closer to true brand engagement

Mat Braddy, CMO, JUST EAT
Mark Abrami, Social Media Marketing Manager,


(D) Crisis Management
Controlling What May Seem The Uncontrollable
In today’s world, most crises break on social media first, leaving next to no time for an organisation to rally the troops. So how can brands really be prepared? This best-practice session will highlight the importance of crisis risk preparation, how to decipher noise from news and how to quickly develop an effective response strategy (who, what, where, how, when?)
> #GotMyEyeOnYou – proactively monitoring and assessing potential risk
> Ensuring your internal set up is ready to handle and respond in a timely, efficient and ‘correct’ manner
> Managing crises on different platforms – what to do if you can’t answer direct?

12.30 Networking Lunch

13.30 Tailor Your Day – Choose E or F

(E) Integration
When Social Becomes The Life Of The Party, And Not The Drunk Uncle
Gone are the days when social media was regarded as the uncontrollable, intangible media to add to the end of a campaign because everyone else is doing it. Social media is driving businesses. Those leading the way are those who have well and truly embedded social into the marketing mix and harnessed its potential as an amplifier and a channel in its own right. So what does true social integration look like?
> Embedding social media into the heart of the marketing mix
> How to pull together all channels to create maximum impact as an integrated system?
> How to apply this through the rest of the business, to ensure social media is integrated at every touch point?

Carl Barkey, Head of Social Media and Customer Experience, American Express

Adam Field, European Social Lead, Nike
Richard Taylor, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications, Morrisons


(F) Attracting The Social Shopper
#Purchase – Driving Sales Through Social Media
The rise of the social shopper is among us. As technology continues to change experiences and the power of community influence and recommendation grows, the role that social media plays in the shopper journey and experience is becoming ever more present. Tech has created this growing breed of social shoppers, but who are they, what are they doing and how can you tap into a social shoppers behaviours and motivations?
> What is the real impact of ‘research online, purchase offline’?
> What role do vouchers and incentives play in social shopping?
> Assessing if social commerce is right for your brand – what are the challenges and opportunities?

Jennifer Roebuck, Multichannel Marketing Director, French Connection

14.15 Tailor Your Day – Choose G or H

(G) Social Insights
If Social Is The New Oil, How Can You Refine It?
With the abundance of tools out there pulling in enough data to drive a social media strategist bonkers, what nuggets are most important to refine your social strategy? Understanding and harnessing the potential that social insights can have, will propel the effectiveness of your social standpoint – so how can you make social data work harder?
> Fine-tuning social strategy through real-time, meaningful and actionable social insights
> Using social data to assess how to effectively match business objectives against marketing channels to wisely place spend
> Understanding audience response – using social insights to plan and execute smarter social media content
> How can social data better inform future campaigns, strategy and objectives?

Mark Brayton, Head of Brand Marketing, Innovation and Social Media, Barclays


(H) Influencer Marketing
Dual Perspective - Connecting Your Brand To The Right Online Influencers
This 2-part session will explore differing approaches to influencer outreach programmes. Delegates will examine how to identify, engage with and capitalise on those who have most influence over potential buyers, some of whom are already right under your nose – they’re your consumers!

Blogger Outreach – Targeting The Right Influencers: Without access to the blogger’s analytics, how do you assess which bloggers are most influential, to fine tune you blogger outreach programme?

Jody Thompson, Blogs Editor, Huffington Post

Super Fans – Maximising The Relationship Between Your Brand And Your Advocates: Utilising and capturing the power of Joe Public and VOC on social media to generate customer advocacy

Brian Walmsley, CMO, Bounty

15.00 Networking Break

15.30 Who Do You Trust Online When Sharing Content?

Social​, SEO ​, PR and Advertising continually blur online as brands try to engage with audiences. With a continually changing set of tools and technologies, how can we, as marketers, equate the value of a Tweet vs the value of a Like? What’s the value of a promoted Tweet vs a blog post from an authority blogger? Search and Social has always been about communicating in a rapidly changing environment with limit data on which to make snap decisions, and that speed of change looks set to continue. Analysing after the fact is often too little, too late! We need better predictive analytics to be able to tell - before we act - what the likely outcome will be. We also need to be able to compare distinct marketing channels with some sort of like-for-like methodology. If we can crack this, we have an advantage. This talk looks at some ideas that might bring these ideas to reality.

Dixon Jones, Marketing Director, Majestic SEO

15.50 Oreo, Creme Egg And Storytelling At Scale

> The challenge of driving social at the same scale as your business objectives
> How rich storytelling trumps apps, competitions and social media gimmicks
> Real-time and responsive marketing which drives business results

Jerry Daykin, European Social Media Manager, Mondelez International

16.10 Platforms In The Spotlight – What’s The Vision?
A host of social media platforms take the stage to divulge what their strategy for the future is. This one-of-a-kind session will ensure you have the latest information on how the social space is going to be shaped, and how these changes will ultimately affect your brand. Hear straight from the horses’ mouth on what the social platforms have planned, what’s their vision and how you can remain one step ahead the rest.

Dara Nasr, Head of Agency Sales, UK, Twitter
Sarah Bush, UK Country Manager, Pinterest
John Lamphiere, Regional Director of Sales, UK and Ireland, Facebook

17.10 Chair’s Closing Remarks

08.30 Registration

09.15 Chair's Opening Remarks: The Titanic Global Shifts That Are Changing The World, For Business & For Us As Individuals

David Smith, Chief Executive, Global Futures and Foresight 

09.35 (A) Little Respect

Why the relationship between consumers and brands is increasingly less tolerant. What brands can do to win over increasingly demanding consumers.

Bruce Daisley, Director - YouTube & Display, Google

09.55 New World Order
We are witnessing a major shift in the economic norms of the world. Leadership once wielded by the West is being usurped by Eastern markets. In the East we're seeing rising labour costs and an increasingly powerful domestic market whilst in the West we are facing uncontrollable inflation and shrinking imports. With BRIC manufacturers becoming global brands, the West will stay relevant through innovation, design, culture and other intangibles. How will this affect Western consumer attitudes? How might brands respond? Who will be tomorrow's second-class citizens and why?

Nick Morris, CEO, Canvas8

10.20 Behaviour, Big Society & Well Being – Whitehall Wakes Up To Behavioural Science

Dr David Halpern, Director, Behavioural Insights Team, Chief Strategy Adviser, Cabinet Office/No.10

10.40 Morning Break

11.10 Will Anyone Like Us?

What trends do we see? An accelerated fall in trust in advertising, undermining effectiveness, reducing consumer tolerance – this will all happen if consumers continue to feel bombarded and invaded. They sometimes say ‘no’ to certain types, or frequency, of contact – and when they say ‘no’, they mean ‘no’. Advertising can be cheaper to create, and channels cheaper to buy, but just because we can reach people doesn’t mean we always should. Acknowledge when people say ‘no’ to certain forms of contact, they mean ‘no’. Don’t fail to take head of the warning signs!

Wendy Gordon, Co-founder & Partner, Acacia Avenue
Karen Fraser, Director, Credos

11.35 Latest Insights From Neuroscience On Consumer Behaviour

The neuroscience literature on human behaviour relevant to consumerism is moving apace.  In this talk, Professor Gemma Calvert will review the latest brain imaging and psychobehavioural studies which are telling us even more about how we perceive, evaluate and make decisions about the brands and products we buy. These new insights go some way to explaining why the consumer trends we witness in the global markets are moving in the way they are.

Professor Gemma Calvert, Managing Director, Neurosense Limited

12.00 Increasing Connectivity & Democratisation In Media & Message

How this is changing the way marketers see what they do in terms of role and possibility?


Mark Lund, Managing Partner, Now

12.25 "I'll Have What She's Having"
The single most important mechanism shaping human behaviour. You need to get to grips with it pronto.

Mark Earls AKA HERDmeister, author and founder HERD Consulting

12.50 Lunch  

13.50 12 Consumer Trends That Will Kick Ass In 2012

A quick-fire look at 12 trends that should be on every business and marketing professional's radar in 2012. Covering everything from trends in emerging markets to new business concepts to changes in consumer behaviour, this session will inspire you to look eagerly to 2012!


Henry Mason, Head of Research & Analytics,

14.25 What Research Won't Tell You & What Logic Can't
David Ogilvy said of market research that, "The problem is that people don't think what they feel, they don't say what they think and they don't do what they say". Nothing will ever predict human behaviour perfectly. But Behavioural Economics and related sciences are beginning to shine a little more light into the unilluminated corners of human decision making. 

Rory Sutherland, Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK

14.50 The Future Of Listening
How will we be listening to consumers in the future? How will we engage with what they are thinking and what they will be doing? Can social media tell us all we need to know? What will be the future of traditional market research? Will we be able to separate what they say and what they really think?

Paul Edwards, CEO Europe, Hall & Partners

15.10 Afternoon Break

15.40 Trends Versus Insights In The Pursuit Of Revelation

Richard Huntington, Director of Strategy, Saatchi & Saatchi

16.05 Trends In Consumer Marketing

How decision science (a combination of neuroscience, behavioural economics, cognitive and social psychology) will separate Marketing’s survivors from its dinosaurs.

Phil Barden, MD, decode marketing ltd

16.30 Status Update: The Future Of Social Networking

In 2001, internet penetration ran at 10% or less, even in advanced markets, and online social networks barely existed. Today, they are the most widely-used online services, with membership of the largest networks reaching well into the hundreds of millions. But for those who look at Facebook in the 2010s and see nothing but runaway growth, MySpace should be a reminder that present scale is no guarantee of future success. This presentation will explore the six ‘Pivot Points’ – or points of tension – that we believe will shape the future of social networks over the next decade.

Will Galgey, Global CEO, The Futures Company

16.55 What’s Going To Be The Next Big Thing? It’s Right In Front Of You…
Big brands, marketers and agencies all know mobile marketing, mobile gaming and apps are the future. These companies have the skill-sets, the marketing knowledge and the creativity to create the next big thing. New channels of distribution now mean that anyone can have a go. But, why aren't they doing it for themselves and making that investment?

mills, CHIEF WONKA™ at ustwo™

17.15 Chair’s Closing Remarks