The 'Essential' Pre-Event Workshops:

Tuesday 4 February 2014

The Essential Twitter Guide To Win The Moment In 140 Characters

09.30-12.30 (Registration 09.00)


Twitter is now one of the most valuable tools for PR and marketing professionals to manage corporate reputation, engage influencers and customers, and drive communication and marketing results. This hands-on workshop will provide you with in depth insight into the innovative ways to harness the power of Twitter. Explore how to build your strategy and team’s capabilities, how to identify and engage with key Twitter influencers, how to gather crucial insights for your business and demonstrate the impact of your Twitter strategy.


Build Your Twitter Strategy And Your Team’s Capabilities
 Determine what your objectives for using Twitter:
          >> expand or engage your audience? Reach journalists? Reach other stakeholders? PR…customer services…a bit of both?
          >> assess and mitigate the reputational risk related to social media
Structure your team effectively to facilitate collaboration and hit upon a consistent, authentic voice for your business
> Promotional paid-for tweets versus organic tweets
          >> how can promoted tweets help you expand beyond your followers base?
          >> evaluate the response patterns to your organic tweets to grow your followers and maximise impact

Engage Relevant Influencers In Your Industry
 Identify who your influencers are and build your strategic influencer list
          >> tracking key words, Google alerts, blogs, etc
          >> understand how to prioritise influencers – what are they worth?
Grab their attention, if you don’t others will!
          >> top tips for engagement and avoid spamming
> Harness the power of advocacy:
          >> understand what content gets people talking, sharing, liking, laughing, interacting…engaging!
          >> acknowledge mentions, follow back people who are already talking about your brand – spark the viral effect!

Monitor Your Reputation And Gain Relevant Insights
 Identify and monitor relevant conversations
> Can you put a number on a person?
          >> popularity versus actual potential to influence
> #Crisis - monitor what’s being said on Twitter and react accordingly
          >> assess the impact of a negative tweet: know when to response and when not to?
          >> how can you turn a negative tweet into a positive story?

From Engagement To Results: Measure And Monetise Twitter
 Best-practice tools to measure and evaluate the reach and engagement of your Twitter activity
> How do you measure Twitter against the bottom line: does it show a direct ROI?
> Learn how to monetise your fans and following
> Demonstrate your impact to secure long-term senior leadership buy-in and drive further investment

Oliver Newton, Brand and Agency Advocate, Twitter

The Essential YouTube Guide To Create Innovative Content And Optimise Audience Viewing And Engagement

14.00-17.00 (Registration 13.30)


With over 1 billion unique users visit a month and the fact that audience are more likely to engage on video content than blogs or social posts, YouTube creates huge opportunity for PR and marketing professionals. Whether you want to start a campaign, respond to a crisis, expand your brand or engage with a community, YouTube can help you do all of that and it’s proving to be much easier to use than it looks like. Inspired by the fundamental shift in the way consumers engage with content on YouTube, this practical workshop will provide you with the knowledge to create innovative and engaging content and best optimise your videos.


Create Innovative Video Content Which Your Audience Will Engage With
> Define your objectives and your audience:
          >> viral, funny or factual: what are you trying to achieve?
          >> which types of content: video blogging, news, presentations, video adverts, music, TV shows?
          >> benchmark: what are your competitors doing?
          >> what is unique about you/your video?
> When is the right time to start building a cohesive online video strategy?
          >> what’s the value of short form content?
          >> understand YouTube’s channelling strategy and create a really engaging channel trailer
> Who are the people most likely to discover, watch, and share your videos online or on mobile? How do you target them?
> Explore the best format options for what you are trying to achieve
> Who is a suitable presenter for what you are trying to convey to your audience?

Optimise Your Videos For Better Search Rankings And Increased Viewing
How can you make your videos search-friendly?
          >> what are the types of videos which stand out in search?
Techniques to best optimise your videos
> How can your videos go viral?
> How can you make the best out of Youtube advertising, analytics and adword reports?
> What’s the best hosting solutions: Vimeo, Wistia, etc

Cultivate Audience Engagement And Measure Your Impact
Number of views versus actual audience engagement:
          >> how can your video get more hits on YouTube?
          >> engage your community on YouTube
          >> what does it mean for your brand?
> Measure how many people have viewed your video and where they are geographically located
Demonstrate your impact to senior management to further develop your social media strategy

Parminder Bahra, Executive Producer, The Wall Street Journal Europe

The 'Ultimate' Post-Event Workshops:

Friday 7 February 2014

Measurement And ROI - The Ultimate Tool Kit For Social Media Measurement

09.30-12.30 (Registration 09.00)


This practical workshop will explore how to intelligently monitor your social activity to gain real business insights, how to evaluate success and how to put a value and ROI on your social media. Beginning with an intense run through of all-things-tools, this session will equip you with the technology, the ability to interpret social data and a fool-proof business case you need to demonstrate value and justify increase spend on social media.


> What is the most effective data to prove the value of social and its impact on the business?
> Assessing the range of metrics and KPI’s brands are using to prove the value of social
> What are the best tools and tech solutions for different purposes?
          >> Monitoring and listening
          >> Identifying share of voice
          >> Assessing social strategy elements e.g. response times
          >> Establishing ROI
          >> Identifying influencers
          >> Calculating social NPS
> Efficiently listen and monitor online buzz to manage reputation and gain key insights into your brand
> How can you innovatively use these tools to gain more from them?
> Effectively using a range of tools across a number of platforms to ensure the landscape is well and truly covered
> Interpreting and making sense of social data to measure and demonstrate against your objectives
> Using social data, insights and measures to securing long-term senior leadership backing

Andrew Smith, Co-Author, Share This Too

Crisis And Compliance - The Ultimate Guide To Staying Out Of Social Trouble

14.00-17.00 (Registration 13.30)


Every crisis is now social. If issues management is not a part of a brand’s social media strategy, they are setting themselves up to #fail. As new platforms, new fans, new influencers and new crisis situations erupt, being prepared for anything is a must. This interactive workshop will work through a number of crisis scenarios looking at best-practice crisis management through social media, with a legal guide of how to manage issues, and avoid a crisis of your own doing.


> What are the key steps to take to ensure your organisation is ready to face a social media crisis?
> Ensuring key response strategies are in place, and the right resource is there to deliver them
> Effectively monitoring the social landscape for potential issues management threats
Building a robust reputation by engaging with fans and developing advocates

> Responding to and managing negative third party commentary
Best-practice on how and when to respond, and over what channels
> Knowing when to move content elsewhere online for ‘damage control’ or more efficient handling
> What to do when your brand does not have direct access to negative commentsEngaging with fans and followers to create support, and fight negativity with advocacy

> How social media can play a part in recovering from a crisis
> How to rebuild trust amongst your social media audience
> Best-practice on making a crisis work for you, not against

Legally Speaking - Staying On The Right Side Of The Law
> Knowing what you can and can’t you say on social media
> What responsibility do brands hold for managing user-generated content online?
> Identifying when to remove liable content
> What to do, from a legal standpoint, if things go wrong

David Hamilton, Head of Public Relations and Engagement, Action For Children